Jared Polites

Marketer. Writer. Traveler.


I'm an entrepreneur based in Barcelona. My story...

2010: Graduated from the University of Texas with a BBA.
🗽Joined the FBI at 21 years old as an Intelligence Analyst.
2012: Quit and moved to Paris for a scholarship at Sciences Po Paris.
2014: Graduated, moved to Asia to work in VC/e-commerce. Lasted one year.
2016: Moved to Vegas. Grinded poker cash games at the Bellagio.
2017: Joined a startup in NYC. Discovered cryptocurrency.
2018: Became one of the leading marketers in blockchain.
🚀10 investments in blockchain and SaaS companies.
2019: Joined 7BC, an early-stage VC, as a Venture Partner.
✍🏼Started writing for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and 15 other sites
2020: Joined LaunchTeam as a partner to launch and grow companies.
💡Building philosophical.io, a free weekly newsletter for thinkers.

My biggest passion is travel and connecting with cultures around the world.

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I am always happy to connect on social media ⬇️